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As if staged, Ethan posted this picture of himself on Instagram a few days before the accident happened with the words:  "Jesus, My God, turns my darkness into light.”


Blindsided offers God size answers to life’s biggest questions! If you ever wondered why something hurtful has happened, you need to read his story. 


Mark Roser has written a beautiful, poignant book. It made me laugh and cry, feel deeply, and come to terms with that most haunting of questions about suffering, “why, God?” 

Suzanne E Shaw, Marriage & Family Therapist, PsyD, MFT

Mark and Pat Roser have spent their lives serving others in Africa, America, and other nations. Mark is a modern Job. You need to read this one for yourself.  

Gary Sweeten, Lifeway Counseling Centers

My nephew was grieving the death of his father, and I did not understand the different facets of tragic loss and life-giving answers until I read Blindsided. This riveting book stirred my heart like none other I have ever read. It is a life and death resource.

Debbie Spire

Having lost our precious Kayla in an accident, Mark’s well-crafted book is beyond inspiring. It brought not only flowing tears, but a delight in seeing how God answered his deepest questions.

Julia Kay Duerler, author of She Had No Regrets

about the author...

Mark C. Roser

Mark spent 22 years on the mission field in Africa where he pioneered churches, developed a four year Bible college, and taught on T.V and Radio. His books deal with the big questions of life and will help you to trust God more deeply.

​Mark received theological training from Xavier University, Centerville Bible College, Cincinnati Christian Seminary, the University of Biblical Studies, Louisiana Baptist Seminary, and a Doctorate in Biblical Studies from Logos Christian Graduate School.

Mark is the founder of Uttermost Missions, and his mission travels are recorded in his newsletters at


Books by Mark C Roser

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