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I have entitled this book, The Unsealed Book, for that is what I believe Revelation is: an unsealed book. That does not mean that I have unsealed the book, but rather in its first edition it was unsealed. The angel said to John, “Do not seal the words of the prophecy of this book, for the time is at hand.” I believe the Book of Revelation contains the inspired, prophetic message for the church. Properly understood, the last book of the Bible will encourage us to live in a constant state of readiness.


There are various schools of interpretation. Some teach:

  • The book of Revelation is all about past events that occurred in the first century.
  • That it predicts only events that are yet future in the last seven years of history.
  • All the major events of history.
  • No events at all but totally symbolic.


It can be confusing as there is merit in each of these approaches to John’s Apocalypse, and yet each school of interpretation has serious limitations. For I believe any interpretation of John’s words that fail to speak to the church throughout history cannot be a correct interpretation. Or in other words, the only interpretation that can be accepted is one which John’s original readers could have understood and kept and that we today can keep. Therefore, if it was all in the past, how can we keep it prophecy today? And if it is all future events that will unfold in the last seven years, and those after the church is raptured how do we keep it?


The Unsealed Book examines each of the major school of interpretation to the book of Revelation, provides an in-depth analysis of the most difficult passages, and offers a satisfying and consistent interpretation that agrees with the rest of what the Bible teaches about the end times or last days.


It is written in a style that anyone can understand and contains inspiring stories to illustration its teachings. It can easily be used for small group Bible study or Sunday School class.    


The Unsealed Book

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