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Dr. C. Peter Wagner writes in the forward of The Cleansing of the Heavens:

"I began saying, 'Wait a minute! I am reading things that I have never read or heard before!' Questions such as what immediate influence the cross of Christ might have had on the modus operandi of Satan in the invisible world can hardly be considered unimportant... I found myself becoming convinced

that Roser's thesis was correct. Reading The Cleansing of the Heavens will put us in a place where Satan will have less and less possibility of taking advantage of us, and therefore we will be better equipped to serve in the great spiritual army to which God is calling us in these exciting days."


These questions are answered in Dr. Mark Roser's book, The Cleansing of the Heavens.

  • Can Satan accuse us before God as he did Job?
  • Has the devil's position changed from the Old to the New Testament?
  • When and why was satan permanently removed from Heaven?
  • What difference does this make in my relationship to God and in spiritual warfare?


This book is a biblical picture of Satan's career, from his days of glory before God's throne to his removal from heaven beneath the feet of Jesus Christ. Established in the Word of God and His present Truth, The Cleansing of the Heavens exposes the devil for just such a time as this because it will open your eyes, prompt you to shake off the dust of the devil's territory, and move you towards the high calling of God in Christ Jesus.

The Cleansing of the Heavens

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