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The inciting incident of this narrative memoir is the author’s son, Ethan’s death. Mark Roser tells his story poignantly and powerfully:

I struggled to breathe when the police detective told me, “Your son was in an accident. Are you sitting down?” 

This book will grip every parent, and it will inspire every person who strives to live for God.

Media outlets around the world reported on “the freak accident” at Wheaton College, and a series of articles followed, ranging from wonderful character tributes of Ethan to hurtful claims of “his inattention” as the cause of his death. The story had several elements of interest that the media picked up on. Ethan had grown up in Zimbabwe. His parents were missionaries. He was studying at Wheaton to be a pastor. After he died, his dad kept his sanity by writing, and he wrestled with questions as profound as life itself. God had kept their family safe for 22 years in Africa, doing missionary work, and he needed to know why God permitted his son to die now, at age 19.


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