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Have You Ever Asked God WHY?

Discover a missionary's journey to find peace in God's triumphant love amidst the tragic loss of his son.

National Media Called it a "Freak Accident"

Ethan Roser was studying to be a pastor. His father, a missionary, wrestled with why God allowed his son to die. God had always protected his family - many times during their long years in Africa.

If you have ever asked God why, Blindsided is for you. The riveting account of Mark's journey to find peace again has changed many readers' view of God and the world around us.


"This book was LIFE-CHANGING. I will never look at life or parenthood the same." - Tracy

"I am awestruck. The story had a profound impact on me. The 30 Points of Comfort at the end were powerful and oh so helpful!" - Dodie

"A story that deeply connects with us all. Ethan's life brings so much value to those of us searching to find who we are in this world and who we hope to become." - Jeremiah

"I found answers to questions I had about why God let's tragedies happen." - Lydia

"I was able to comfort a friend in grief." - Debbie

"After reading Blindsided, I wrote a letter to my son to tell him how much I loved him." - Shawn

"This book helped me become a much better mom."

- Jennifer

"It encourages you to go deeper with God." - Sky

Discover why Blindsided has received five stars by Amazon readers. Order your copy today!


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